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What are Fire Dampers?

A fire damper is a mechanical device, which is operated either manually or automatically, to prevent the fire or smoke from spreading through a ductwork system. Fire dampers are located in the ductwork where it passes through fire retardant walls or floors.

How do the Fire Dampers work?

In most cases a fire damper is held in the open position with a fusible link that melts at 72°C, releasing the blades of the damper to close and stop the fire from spreading through the ductwork.

Fire Dampers Inspection

Fire Dampers are a critical part of the fire protection system. Correctly operating fire dampers can make a significant difference in the case of fire. If they fail to close they won’t prevent fire from spreading and that could lead to destruction and death.

It is very important to make sure that the fire damper works properly when fire occurs. Drop testing, cleaning and maintenance of fire dampers is crucial to keep your fire safety system in good condition.

All Clean provides a Fire Damper Inspection which includes:

  • creating an inventory of fire dampers in the building
  • drop testing
  • cleaning the fire damper and applying lubrication if necessary
  • addressing running repairs if needed
  • inspection will be followed with a comprehensive report and photographic evidence of the performed test

Swab testing for bacteria and yeast, PVT testing for dust and debris

The presence of microbiological organisms in ductwork could be problematic. High moisture, warm conditions and poor hygiene of ductwork could potentially lead to the growth of harmful pathogenic microorganisms.

Dust, gathered in ductwork is another problem. It not only makes perfect condition for microorganisms to grow, but it reduces air flow in the ductwork, this could lead to a bad smell and dampness from the ventilation system.

High levels of dust also represent a serious fire hazard. All Clean is providing Swab testing for bacteria and yeast as well as PVT tests for dust, followed by laboratory analysis and a report.

Ventilation ductwork cleaning

All operatives of All Clean (Worcester) Ltd. are trained up to BESA TR-19 standard to provide a high quality of cleaning the ventilation system. Process of cleaning includes:

  • cleaning of all parts of ventilation system such as Air Handling Unit, fans, VCD, air turners etc.
  • photographic evidence of performed actions
  • PVT and swab testing if required
  • Disinfection of the system if required
  • Access panels installation if needed
  • Risk assessments and method statements provided
  • Written report of performed actions

About us

All Clean (Worcester) Ltd.  provides a high-quality service in the maintenance of fire and smoke dampers and cleaning of ventilation systems. The company evolved from All Clean, one of the leading industrial cleaning companies in the Midlands in the last 25 years. Excellent background, experience and knowledge gives us the confidence to perform our task to the highest possible standards. All Clean (Worcester) Ltd. is a member of NAAD UK.

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